• Kusuri Fluke P 500ml

KusuriI Fluke P 500ml 

Kusuri Fluke S is a 50% Praziquantel based medication that is suitable for Koi and cold water ornamental fish to eradicate:

  • Gill Flukes
  • Body Flukes
  • Tape Worms

Fluke S is designed as a one off treatment and is safe to use at any temperature and without destroying the bacteria in filters. A second dose may be required after 7 days for heavy infestations.

Dosage: Use 18ml per 454 litres (100 gallons) of pond or tank water. Ensure the full dose is added. DO NOT OVERDOSE!

250ml treats 6,251 litres (1,375 gallons) of pond/tank water.

500ml treats 12,502 litres (2,750 gallons) of pond/tank water.

1 litres treats 25,003 litres (5,500 gallons) of pond/tank water.

Kusuri Fluke P 500ml

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