Aqua Source VarioFlow 10 Pond Pump

The VarioFlow range of pond pumps distributed by Aqua Source set the standards for a new generation of pond pumps. The VarioFlow is equipped with highly efficient 6-pole PMDC motor technology and stepless, external power control for optimum energy management and are suitable for both wet and dry installations.

The PMDC (permanent magnet DC) motor has been used for many years in industrial pump technology where pumps are in continuous operation and energy costs play a big role. The PMDC motors used in the VarioFlow pumps are extremely energy efficient and use stepless speed control for additional energy savings. The easy to use external control panel allows the flow rate of the pump to be increased and decreased dependant on requirements, whilst providing a digital display of the power consumption.

You may consider that ponds do not require the same circulation throughout the season, especially in the cooler months when the temperatures are lower and feeding has been reduced if not stopped altogether. No problem for the VarioFlow range of pumps as the flow rate can easily be adjusted which can generate huge savings!

The VarioFlow pumps also feature a rotating motor housing for easier dry installation, which allows either horizontal or vertical connection of the outlet.

At a glance:

  • Fully adjustable PMDC motor
  • 6-pole motor for efficient & quiet running
  • Built-in micro-chip temperature/dry-running protection
  • External Panel for setting capacity, suitable for outdoor use
  • Digital reading power consumption and set percentage
  • Rotating housing
  • Control panel with 1.5m power cable
  • Wet or dry installation - Strainer cage included
  • Solids handling 8mm

Aqua Source VarioFlow 10 Pond Pump

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