• Balance Plus 50/50 Floating/Sinking 3kg
Balance Plus 50/50 Floating/Sinking 3kg - Aqua Source Products Ltd

Balance Plus 50/50 Mix is a new high quality koi food from Aqua Source Products Ltd and has been designed to promote a strong and healthy immune system whilst also containing pre-vitamins and increased levels of stabalised Vitamin C to keep your koi in the best possible condition. Balance Plus has the perfect balance of ingredients, along with added Montmorillonite Clay as well as prebiotics to ensure lower waste levels as well as healthy koi. Balance Plus can also be fed at lower water temperatures and is therefore ideal to feed going into and coming out of winter and can therefore be fed as an alternative to Wheatgerm due to the proteins contained in Balance Plus being more digestible than plant proteins.
The 50/50 mix of floating and sinking pellets ensures that no matter what level within the water table your fish prefer to feed at, you can be rest assured they are receiving a healthy, balanced and nutritional diet no matter how shy they may be. 
Regular feeding of a balanced food will improve growth, skin colour and development in addition to benefitting the immune system.

White Fish Meal, Propolis, Fish Oil, Astaxanthin, Garlic, Spirulina, Nucleotides, Premix Vitamins, Montmorillonite Clay, minerals.
Protein 35%, Crude Fat 7%, Fibre 5%, Carbohydrates 40%, Ash 7%, Vitamin A

Balance Plus 50/50 Floating/Sinking 3kg

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