Affordable Koi Pond Drum Filter

The Drum Filter from A19 Koi & Pond Supplies is an extremely affordable high quality drum filter.

What is a drum filter?

A drum filter is a very efficient (and now affordable) form of mechanical filtration and is therefore very effective at removing even fine particles and is particularly beneficial when installed prior to your biological filtration.

Drum filters in general are virtually maintenance free as they usually incorporate a self cleaning cycle. The Easy Drum Filter is no exception but whilst being virtually maintenance free, also offers the added benefit of incorporating a 40 watt Amalgam UVC which further enhances the unit’s ability to maintain cleanliness.

Water first flows into the innermost part of the drum which is closed either end and can therefore only exit through the 70 micron stainless steel mesh, resulting in even the smallest of debris being removed. As the debris that is being removed builds up, the water level in the unit begins to rise as it takes longer to flow through the mesh net. Once the water reaches a pre-determined level, a sensor in the control box is activated causing the unit to go into 'clean' mode.

During the rinse process the drum revolves around whilst water is sprayed at high pressure from the jets in order to 'jet wash' the debris off the mesh, automatically cleaning the unit for you. The debris is flushed from the drum into a collecting tray inside the unit just below the cleaning nozzles before being discharged to waste. 

Once clean, the unit will then revert back to 'filter' mode and the cycle begins again.

It is worth remembering that the Drum Filter from A19 Koi & Pond Supplies uses water from the pond during its cleaning cycle, therefore you may notice a slight fall in water level especially if the fine micron mesh is removing a considerable amount of debris and therefore the cleaning cycle is triggered more often.

Specification at a glance:

  • Inlets: 2 x 110mm
  • Outlet: 1 x 110mm
  • Drum Diameter: 38cm x 40cm
  • Screen: 70 micron stainless steel 316
  • Unit Dimensions: 79cm x 48cm x 54cm (inc waste collector)
  • 40 watt Amalgam UVC lamp

Drum Filter

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  • Ex Tax: £831.67

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