• Kockney Koi/Yamitsu 4 Way Switch Box

Kockney Koi 4 Way Switch Box

One of the switches is rated to 1,800 watts and the remaining three are rated up to 500 watts each. The maximum current handling for the unit overall is 3,300 watts. All four switches are individually fused. It is supplied with a self locking wall mounting bracket, wall plugs and screws, so no holes have to be made in the main unit ensuring its water tight integrity. It also come with cable gland blanking plugs to seal unused outlets. Colour coded cable glands and switches enable rapid identification and simple installation. Each switch has its own illuminated indicator to let you know which appliances are on. The unit readily accepts cable sizes from 7mm to 12mm.

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Kockney Koi/Yamitsu 4 Way Switch Box

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