• Kusuri Klay - 1kg

Kusuri Klay 1kg 

Kusuri Klay is a unique high purity Calcium Montmorillonite clay which remineralises water, improves water clarity as well as the colour and lustre of you koi.

This product was researched in the late 1990's, in conjunction with Exeter University's Biology Department. This unique clay removes stress proteins from the digestive tract of koi (caused by feeding food that has been left open to the air, and is going off sue to airborne spores of fungi and algae).

With the addition of Kusuri Klay, at an optimum 5%, digestibility of food can be improved by up to 22%. This is why Kusuri's foods, which have been specifically formulated, out-perform many other foods on the market today.

Kusuri Klay - 1kg

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