• Aqua Source Balance Balls 1litre

Aqua Source Balance Balls 1 litre

Helps maintain a clean and healthy pond with added Sludge Control.

Each ball is packed with millions of beneficial bacteria which will help smooth out Ammonia and Nitrite spikes and help keep your pond clean and healthy. The balls will reduce in size as the bacteria is needed. 

For best results, place the balls directly into your filter media, ideally in a small net bag. They can be placed between sponges and/or matting too. With the added Sludge Control, using Aqua Balance Balls regularly will help keep pipework clean and remove detritus.

Aqua Balance Balls are ideal :-

  • for use after using chemicals as they will help mature filters.
  • when feeding frequently/heavily.
  • to use as part of your regular maintenance routine for healthy water.

You cannot overdose and there's also no need to switch off UV Clarifiers.

Aqua Source Balance Balls 1litre

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