• Cloverleaf Sludge Answer 500ml
Cloverleaf Sludge Answer 500ml

Sludge Answer is a unique blend of beneficial used to convert and remove sludge form the pond and filter system. The accumulation of sludge within a pond or filter system means far more than  just an ugly sight,  such deposits not only erode important saturated oxygen levels ,but also become a  breeding ground for  pathogenic bacteria. Using nature's natural range of bacteria ,Cloverleaf’s "Sludge Answer" is the safe way to biologically removing sludge and dead algae thus creating a cleaner pond and less filter maintenance, whilst promoting a sounder  environment for the fish to enjoy.

Sludge Answer is designed for frequent use throughout the year on established ponds, however it is also a first class product when used on an  immature pond, and will greatly assist with  filter maturity. For  ponds with  sludge problems, it is recommended that when applying "Sludge Answer" it should be  supported with Cloverleaf’s "Oxygen Answer" - especially if the pond does not have a mechanical air pump of substance.

For new or problematic ponds "Sludge Answer" should be added at the rate of 200cc per 1000 litres of pond water, with follow up doses (every 28 days or as required) at the rate of 100cc per 1000 litres. The product should be mixed with 3 litres of pond water, and poured over the pond surface and into the filter system using a watering can. (Note: Mark a watering can for "Pond Use" only). UV clarifiers should be turned off for the first 24 hours of application.

1 litre bottle will treat ponds up to 5,000 litres (30ml treats 150 litres).

Cloverleaf Sludge Answer 500ml

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